CORROPIPE® black – Mineral Coating System for Oil & Gas Industry

For the internal corrosion protection of crude oil tanks and pipelines, MSS GmbH offers the innovative and solvent-free, mineral coating system CORROPIPE® black. It is a product tested by the petroleum industry, which is applied directly to rusty steel surfaces.

Years of development and optimization as well as numerous projects in the oil and gas industry confirm the effectiveness of CORROPIPE® black. The material can be painted or applied by airless spray directly to the rusty steel surface of tube oil tanks. When coating piplines, the material is scrubbed onto the inside surface of the piping.

In addition to the mineral coating CORROPIPE® black, MSS GmbH also offers complete solutions for the recoating and repair of oil and gas tanks as well as oil and gas pipelines.

Outstanding product properties

  • very good application on stable, rusty steel & all mineral surfaces
  • no rust infi ltration of the coating
  • high-alkaline medium ensures active long-term corrosion protection
  • Temperature resistance from -40 °C to + 150 °C in the wet area
  • high resistance to acids and bases from pH 3,5 to pH 14
  • high adhesion force to steel that does not diminish even with multiple load changes
  • the expansion coeffi cient of the material is the same as that of steel
  • Volume resistance of ≤1MΩ
  • extremely low shrinkage of the material
  • vapour permeability
  • flame-retardant, high level of fire protection
  • environmentally friendly, solvent-free, low in pollutants - no dangerous goods!


RAG crude oil tank coating with CORROPIPE® black
Executing company: Octopus Coating GmbH

Information about the product CORROPIPE® black

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